Aptitude Tests

The Test

The Aptitude tests give you sort of a guide line, or recommendation, of which faction you should chose at the Choosing Ceremony. It decides what faction it thinks you should chose by what your character traits are; reckless, violent, honest, etc.

Most people follow the Aptitude tests the next day, at the Choosing Ceremony, but the final choice is up to them. Each child takes this test at 16, and the next day the Choosing Ceremony will take place.

Just A Simulation; Not Real

They bring you out into a room with mirrors for the walls. There is a single chair which each child must sit in; the chair does not wrap around your feet or arms like you would expect but there is a machine which closes around the sides of your head. The person there hands you a vile of clear liquid, which you must drink. Then the Aptitude test takes place.

They will have an assorted series of tests which you must go through to determine what characteristics you have, from there it will decide what faction you should be in; but the choice is really up to you. Through out the Simulation Tris has to remind herself that it is just a simulation and that it is not real; she won't really die. However, I won't spoil the tests for you; you'll just have to find out for yourself.