Battle of Saratoga

Heather, Bryan, and Matthew

Date of the battle

September 19, 1777 - October 7th 1777

Description of the battle:

A militia of sharpshooters from Virginia harassed the British, while other colonist forces aggressively charged into battle with them. Burgoyne lost two men for every one on the American side.

The second battle, the Battle of Bemis Heights, occurred on October 7th, when Burgoyne determined to break free from the encircling colonial forces and drive them from the field.

Burgoyne surrendered on October 17, 1777, in what would later be named Victory

Generals on both side:

Saratoga- Major General John Burgoyne commanded the British and German force

British- General CornWallace


Great Britain lost 300 casualties

US colonist lost 30

Which side won

The American colonists won the Battle of Saratoga against the British Army and its German allies. Though the British won the first encounter on Sept. 19, 1777, they lost when they attacked again on Oct. 7.

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