Ancient Greece Lesson Plan

By Jamie Green - Scobey Schools

Lesson Overview

Grade Level: 6th Grade

Time Requirement: 2 to 3 class periods (45 minutes each)

Materials: Ipad, internet connection, and social studies book

(Students must have a signed consent form to use the internet.)

Students will create a Smore flyer on the ancient civilization of Greece. Students may choose which topic to study. Examples include the Olympics, Spartans, Athenians, Persians, their culture, or any other topic that is approved by their teacher. The students will be able to embed videos, pictures, text, and audio on their flyer using the Smore program ( on their ipad. An overview of the program is attached below.

Lesson Objective:

Make a Smore flyer.

Project Objectives:

When students complete this lesson they will be able to:

  1. Create a flyer on the ancient civilization of Greece.
  2. Research and interpret the Greek culture.
  3. Write creative summaries, statements, or findings on the ancient civilization of Greece.
  4. Use technology to embed videos, audio, pictures, and text onto the flyer.


  1. Introduce the project to the class. Think about what you already know about the ancient civilization of Greece and why it is important. Discuss topics that would be appropriate for the flyer.
  2. Introduce the Smore website. (Show video that is attached below.) Do a few examples on how to embed pictures, text, and videos.
  3. Discuss lesson rubric.
  4. Prepare for your project.


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Technology Content Standard 1:

The student will use digital tools and resources for problem solving and decision making.

Technology Content Standard 3:

The student will apply digital tools and skills with creativity and innovation to express his/herself, construct knowledge and develop products and processes.

Technology Content Standard 4:

The student will possess a functional understanding of technology concepts and operations.

Reading Content Standard 1:

Students construct meaning as they comprehend, interpret, and respond to what they read.

Reading Content Standard 4:

Students select, read, and respond to print and nonprint material for a variety of purposes.

Reading Content Standard 5:

Students gather, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from a variety of sources, and communicate their findings in ways appropriate for their purposes and audiences.


I had a great experience in the summer course I attended this year. I have always made pencil and paper flyers in my classroom after the Greece chapter I think this will be a fun new way to wrap up the chapter. I plan on implementing the Smore website, and ThingLink into my classroom. I think by using these resources I will be able to extend my students' knowledge of technology. These resources can also work in science, english, or any other subject area. They can also be adapted by all different age groups.