Getting To Know Larry King

A Closer Look


•Lawrence Harvey Zeiger

•November 19, 1933

•Born in Brooklyn, New York.

•Due to his father dying at the age of 46, King decided to go to work as a mail carrier after high school to help out his mother.

•He never attended college.


•When he was working to support his mother, he met a CBS staff presenter, who urged him to travel to Florida, which offered great scope for raw broadcasters.

•For the 1970-71 seasons, he was given further opportunities as a color pundit for the Miami Dolphins.

•By the early 1970s he was an all-around media personality, doing television and radio shows as well as writing a column for The Miami Herald.

Career cont.

•His career went a little sour during the 1970s, but in 1978 he landed a spot as the host of a nationally syndicated radio show.

•In 1982, Larry King began writing a newspaper column for USA Today (he ended the gig in 2001) and in 1985 he joined CNN as the host of a world-wide call-in talk show.


•Children- Larry King, Jr., Chaia King, Chance Armstrong King, Cannon Edward King, Andy King.

•Married several times.


•He was presented the Peabody Award for ‘Excellence in broadcasting’ for both radio and television shows, in 1982 and 1992.

•In 1989, he was inducted into the ‘Radio Hall of Fame’.

• He has won a total of 10 CableACE Awards for the categories, ‘Best Interviewer’ and ‘Best Talk Show Series’.

•In 2009, he was presented the Golden Milk Award for ‘Lifetime Achievement’, by the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California.

• He is the proud recipient of the President’s Award, honoring his impact on media from the Los Angeles Press Club, in 2006.

•He won the Hugh Downs Award for ‘Communication Excellence’ from Arizona State University, in 2007.