Mar. 9-13


This week we had are science benchmark and a Unit 5 math test multiplication and division and area. We also had are Unit 21 spelling test.

Language arts

This week we are working on more press passages, and sentence structures. We are finishing up are poetry and getting new storyworks.

Just finished writing our Narrative poems and will be starting on Persuasive writing after the break.


PACE math is finished with Unit 5 multiplication.

Math is doing area.

After the Spring Break we will be starting Geometry.

Please make sure you practice your math facts with instant recall for multiplication over the break.

Science/Social Studies

We just finished Our Place In Space with our benchmark.

When we return from the break we will be doing Biographies.

Important Dates

Mon. Mar. 16 Spring break

Thurs. Mar. 12 Unit 5 Math test

Tues.- Wed. Science benchmark


Mark Caldwell

Joe Burke

By: Natalia Flores