LESter's Teacher Talk

Lawrenceville Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Welcome Back LES Staff!

I hope you had a wonderful summer! Let's make this school year a GREAT one!

What's "Cookin" at LES?

  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!
  • Hiring, hiring, hiring!
  • New Teacher Orientation

Welcome LES New Staff!

  • Rachel Burke-Kindergarten ICS
  • Justin Hopf-3rd Grade
  • Yulieth Le-2nd Grade
  • Susan Lisk-Toughhill-LDTC
  • Katie Miller-3rd Grade
  • Becky Nelson-PK Assistant
  • Ashleigh Tangen-Pre-School

This week...

Back to School Schedule

September 1
  • LTPS Back to School Address-we begin in the LHS auditorium at 8:00.
  • Staff PD-most classroom teachers will do Reading PD (check Maureen's email)
September 2
  • Staff times are 8:00-3:00.
  • Our first LES faculty meeting of the year will begin in the media center at 8:30.
  • Lunch will be at 12:00 (assistants are welcome to join us)
  • Mentor meeting at 1:00 at the Tech Center
  • PK Open House 2:00-3:00 in modulars/classroom
  • Principal Meet & Greet in the LES Garden at 6:00-7:00 (all staff are welcome-not mandatory)
September 3
  • Students arrive!

More Important Dates for September

September 7, 14, and 23-No School

September 8-Kindergarten photos with Crystal and Faculty Meeting

September 8-18 Aimsweb testing

September 10-1st Fire Drill

September 10-Back to School Night

September 15-Grade level and Special Ed Meeting

September 15-NWEA testing begins (until Oct 2)

September 16-Evacuation drill (on-site)

September 17-Juniors from TCNJ start at LES

September 18-Joe Romano Assembly 1:45-follow early dismissal schedule

September 21-Faculty Meeting

September 28-Grade level and 3rd Grade LML, Libary & ESL meetings

September 30-3rd grade to LMS

*Garden and Environmental lessons will begin in September-schedule to follow soon!

Lesson Plans on Dropbox

*This is a change-If you already shared your lesson plans in Dropbox with me, please now share them to my mlockett@ltps.info account. If you did not share your plans via Dropbox yet, please use the .info account to do so. I don't have any more space in the .org Dropbox account. :( Thank you!

A little Back to School Inspiration...one of my all time favorite TED talks!