Leonardo da Vinci

By: Josh Zurita

Leonardo da Vinci was not only a "Renaissance man", but a painter, engineer, inventor, and architect. He was born in the year 1452 and died in the year 1519.

da Vinci paintings and what he is known for

Leonardo da Vinci made some great paintings, some of them you might of known he made them. Some of the paintings are The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Vitruvian Man. Leonardo da vinci is responsible for some of the paintings you know today. He is known as such a great inventor because he has made the sketches of some of the great technology we use today. He invented The bicycle, helicopter, and plane because of those sketches he has made transportation a lot easier for us.

Other Fun Facts

1. His mother was a local peasant

2. He lived with his mother for only five years then moved with his dad and his second wife.

3. He was only taught reading writing and math

4. He was first a musician not an artist

5. He was left handed