Sexting and the Consequences

By Sophia Calianos

Face the Facts

  • 61% of all sexters admitted to feeling pressured to send the content.
  • 24% of high-school age teens have been involved in a form of nude sexting.
  • 55% of sexters share these images with more than one person


Girls vs. Boys in Regards to Sexting

  • 68% of girls had been asked to send a sext, vs. 42% for boys
  • 46% of boys admitted to having asked a girl to send a sext, vs. 21% of girls
  • 27% of girls were “bothered greatly” by such requests, vs. 3% of boys


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How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Sexting

  1. Think about the consequence
  2. Never take the picture
  3. Thing before hitting send
  4. If you Forward the nude picture of someone underage know that you are going to be held responsible as the original sender.
  5. Report any nude pictures you see