Hillview Guidance Counseling

Welcome to Hillview Elementary Guidance Counseling

Program Goals

Make students aware of the significance and danger of all types of bullying.

Make students aware of the dangers of drugs and giving in to peer pressure.

Helping students understand and learn conflict resolution skills.

Guidance Counseling Mission Statement

School Counseling Program Mission Statement

1) Provide a well balanced program based on state standards.

2) Encourage students to be good and productive citizens.

3) Assist all students in maintaining emotional health.

4) Provide students with life skills in a nurturing environment.

5) Enhance student learning by providing quality educational experiences.

Calender Events

  • Spring Break- March 30-April 3, 2015
  • Spring Book Fair- March 2-6, 2015
  • Black History Program- February...TBA
  • School Valentine’s Day Dance- February...TBA
  • Book Clubs will begin Tuesday, February 10, 2015 for 3rd -5th grade students
  • Monday- Presidents’ Day/Weather Day...February 16, 2015 (Schools Closed)
  • Progress reports go home...February...TBA
  • Circus Trip- January 22, 2015 at 9:30am- grades K-2nd
  • Monday-Celebrate MLK Day... January 19, 2015 (Schools Closed)

Guidance News

January-February Character Trait: CITIZENSHIP

Teaching Children about Citizenship

Citizenship requires doing our share for our community and our country. Being a good citizen means caring about the good of society and participating actively to make things better.

Research reveals that participating in community service programs and learning about the importance and value of serving others can be a powerful influence on positive character development.

Patriotism is an important part of good citizenship. Patriotism is love of and loyalty to our country. It involves honoring the democratic ideals on which the country is based and expecting elected officials to do the same, respecting and obeying its laws and honoring its flag and other symbols. It also involves accepting the responsibilities of good citizenship, such as keeping informed about national issues, voting, volunteering and serving the county in times of war.


Take your child with you when you vote. Talk to him/her about the candidates, the offices they aspire to hold, and their positions on key issues.

Participate in community-building activities.

Discuss citizenship with your child and find examples of what good citizens have done for their communities and school.

Challenge them to find ways to demonstrate Citizenship in school.

Student of The Month

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January-February: CITIZENSHIP

Kid President - How To Change The World (a work in progress)

December: KINDNESS

Alaya Lace-Bell

Austin Rozell

Christian Wilborn

Dallas Bell

De'Kyrian Dinkins

Deleon Chambers

Devon Cook

Harmony Casey

Helen Fernandez

Jaylon Barganeer

Madison McCain

Oreyon Peake

Taylor Cook

Titan Wenndt

Tynyia Turney

October-November: RESPONSIBILITY

Ajaiyah Green-Todd

A'Mari Sanders

D'Actrick Harris

Dalanie Tom

Elijah Brooks

James Wright

Keayrah Randle

Kennedy Witherspoon

Kristian Wilson

Kylan Baker

Lisa Vicente-Santay

Reece Winham

Shawndrayus Kimbrough

Simayah Branch

Tristian Goodwin

August-September: RESPECT

Journey Smith

Javen Burney

Kristiunna Owens

Ahmari Moody

Lauren Amison

Elexis Kindred

Jarrett Hall

Jayvon Echols

Eder Cabrera

Joshua Palmer

Brooke Smith

Jazlyn Hall

Jamya Pugh

Shawndrayus Kimbrough

Kaylee Fenderson