Warren Elementary

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A Message from Mrs. Glosson

This newsletter page will serve as our "Landing Site." This page will be used as a place where you can access all of your instructional activities. We will be updating the links in this Landing Site one week at a time (on Tuesdays) as needed. Classroom teachers will be sending out a weekly reminder with the link to the Landing Site.

On the Landing Site, you will find "Buttons" to your child's grade level and then to links with the instructional activities for each week. In each weekly plan, children can start with the first activity and work their way down through the list.

We certainly know there is a lot going on for families right now and recognize you may not be able to complete all of the activities given in a day....that is completely fine! Our intention is just to provide you with resources to keep your children actively learning and prevent regression while they are not coming to school.

Stay Safe and Lots of Love,

Mrs. Glosson & Mrs. Marino

WES Remind Codes


PK-Michelle Ryan @de9k9k

PK-Audrey Smith @prekasmith

K-Traci Cross @4968ad

K-Kelly Dillard @dillardcam

K-Natalie Post @aefggg

K-Lori Johnston @be7h32

1-Jennifer Tolar @1sttolar

1-Cindy Blackshear @bd27c

1-Natalee Foret @Foret1920

1-Karen Martin @hkg4k7

2-Lindy Goodwin @k77e7a

2-Tracee Boucher @/bouch2019

2-Jessica Lambeth @2fgde2

3-Brandi Moore @7h7c7f

3-Debbie Reynolds @7h7c7f

3-Amber Lewis @7h7c7f

4-Christie Gore @4team1920

4-Ann Neel @4team1920

4-Tara Graham @4team1920

5-Casey Freeman @warrenes5

5-Donna Buckner @warrenes5

5-Karissa Ellis @warrenes5

5-Abby Paben @warrenes5

SpecEd-Shelly Dilbeck @dilbeck19

SpecEd-Robin Stockton @mrsrstockt