Sun & Shadow

by Ray Bradbury

Plot Line

  • Ricardo notices there is a photoshoot happening out side of his house and immediately gets irritated this is the exposition because this is where the story all starts
  • He begins to yell at the photographer telling him to leave and they begin arguing. This is the rising action because there is tension
  • All that yelling isn't doing well for him so he decides to pull out his sumthin and all of the crowd his very freaked out.
  • He zips up his pants and leaves the scene

Setting of the Story

The setting of the story takes place in a run down street, with very poor people living here. There is also a photoshoot happening here.


The overall theme/message that is delivered here is that there's no place like home. The photographers are coming to this street thinking it's amazing, great place to take pictures. It looks cool, they think. But in reality Ricardo knows that this place is his home he appreciates it way more than these photographers do


The conflict is both external and internal. Ricardo has internal feelings about his home where he's lived for over 40 years. He really has a connection with this place and he doesn't appreciate this photoshoot that's happening. He is having an argument with the photographer because Ricardo doesn't want him there.


There are very limited characters in this story. The main characters are Ricardo, The photographer and Thomas, who is Ricardo's son.

  • Ricardo is the first character to be introduced in the story. He starts on having a very negative attitude, although is mainly upset throughout the entire story. He has lived on the street where the photo shoot is happening. His son is participating in this and he disagrees strongly with this. Ricardo is described very indirectly, he makes comments that makes you think he is an angry man.
  • The photographer is the last person we meet in the story and he is very laid back. Even though Ricardo is yelling at him most of the time in the story he isn't very bothered by this. He is also described indirectly, he makes few little comments that were negative but you can really get a feel of how he acts and what his personality is.

Compelling Aspects

People should read this story because overall it is a good story, it's a short one so it won't take long but it has a good meaning and theme to the story. You wont waste your time reading this and you might even learns something important from it.