World Georgraphy

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American Influence on Europe

Known as the Columbian Exchange, New World to Old World.

Things brought to/fro the Americas and Europe:

  • Plants
  • Foods
  • Ideas/Innovations
  • Animals
  • Diseases
  • Pop Culture (Tv, Singers, Etc.)
Promoted globalization and started the whole "American Dream " craze.

Latin America Events

Mexican cession leads to the formation of North America's southern boundary.

  • NAFTA promotes inter trading in the Americas (Canada, America, Mexico)
  • Migrants couldn't afford to live in urbanized areas, leading to more favelas (slums) in Brazil. (1970)
  • Green Revolution brings the creation of pesticide and produces bountiful crops, aided Latin America's economy and population.
  • The Spainish and Portugease influenced most of South America.
  • Spaniards take over Mexico from Aztecs.

Africa Events

Due to prior ownership by the European powers, African Countries are unstable and unexperienced in political power, once used to exploit raw materials for cheaper cost (outsourcing). Slave trading also influenced the Caribbean.

  • North and Southern Africa are generally separated by the Sahara/Sahel. Thus differences in culture, material, and medically.
  • Arab Springs influence the northern African countries to revolt their own corrupted governments.
  • Ebola demonstrated the consequences of globalization- quick spread of viruses and other diseases, harming other countries around the world.

European Events

Countries highly affected by the Soviet Union, even today, were once controlled by the communist party.

  • After the downfall of the SU (1989), the UN(United Nations) was created to prevent another World War and create a stronger unification (globalization) amongst European countries.
  • The UN allowed citizens to cross the boarders of fellow UN countries, hence population shifts.
  • Russian foreign policy failed because the majority of Russia is inhabitable with exception of nomadic Mongolians who are slowly moving in.

Monsoon Asia Details

Monsoons during the summers are heavily relied upon for most of their rainfall. Countries with ports often have large cities on the coastlines for trade.

  • The Himalayan Mountains are theorized to be an effect from converging tectonic plates between India and China.
  • Conflict between India and Pakistan is over the Kashmir providence as to where the boarder should be between Jammu and Kashmir or which country should get the land.

Middle East Asia Events and Details

Recognized for their bountiful oil land, the middle eastern countries often have power in trade. The Arab Springs started in this region, sparking numerous revolutions at its wake.

  • Israel was not an original country, but was placed over numbers of hostile countries' territories, hence many changes to its boarders.
  • Contains Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina.
  • Lack of fresh water leads to use of underground reservoirs and purification systems. Also causes disputes over who gets how much.
  • Women generally are not treated as equivalent as men.
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