Hoot Hoot Herald

January 8, 2015 - Edition 10

Parent Communication:

Just a gentle reminder that positive parent phone calls go a long way. This week a parent reported to me that she got a phone call from the school and winced (worried that her son was in trouble). Then, she said, the teacher told me a cute / funny story about her son. It made her day!

These types of conversations make the hard conversations so much easier. Parents enjoy hearing from you and from knowing how their child is doing in school academically and behaviorally.

MOY I Benchmark 3rd - 5th

Did all of your students' parents receive their benchmark results in the report card (or before)?

If not, please send those home as soon as possible. We have had more than usual parent phone calls asking for student benchmark scores.

In addition, do you students know how they did on the benchmark? While I am not overly concerned about the child knowing their exact score, I do think it is critical for the students to know what parts they did well on and what parts they did not do well on.

A Message from AISD Plumbing:

"It is imperative that you do NOT flush any wipes down the portable toilets or any toilets."

Thank you.

From your Counselors:

With the cold weather upon us, you may start noticing that some of your students are in need of a coat or warmer clothes. Please feel free to take what you need from the clothing closet (aka staff restroom drawers/unsightly plastic bins) or have one of us to get something for you. We'd love to clear those out and fill them back up (and also make it a little prettier!)

We would still like to take some students to Operation School Bell for new clothing. Please let one of us know as soon as possible so that we can get permission forms to the families and schedule our visits. If you have already sent a permission form home and have not received it back, we can send another.

If you have a student that is in need of a display board (for financial reasons) for science fair, please take one from the box in the front office. Our PTA has kindly donated these for this purpose.

We want to make sure that no students fall through the cracks and are getting all the support they need here at Doss. If you have spoken with us at some point about a student and are unsure of what steps have/have not been taken, please check back with us and we will let you know what progress we have made.

Mentor and Mentee Meeting:

What: Mentor/Mentee gathering to discuss spring conferences, SPED grading, parent connect, parent communication, and any other topic that is needed.

Who: All 1st and 2nd year teachers and their mentors

When: Thursday, January 22nd -- 4:00-5:15

Where: Austin Terrier

Staff Wellness Events:

Yoga for Teachers & Staff, COMING SOON!!

Walking Wednesday, meet in the front of the school, January 21st from 6:30 a.m.-7:00 a.m.

Spring Conferences Coming Up:

Who: A) Any student who is having academic or behavioral difficulty B) Any student whose parent requests a conference C) Any student that you are considering retaining and D) ALL GT students.

What: Spring Conferences

When: Your window for completing the conferences is February 3rd- February 20th. The actual conference day is February 16.


A) If you would like for an administrator to attend, please let us know. We are more than happy to join you.

B) If the students is in the 504 program, please invite the appropriate Assistant Principal and it can serve as a 504 meeting.

C) Please turn in all conference forms to Pat by March 1st.

Brazil Teaching Delegation Comes to Doss

Approximately 55 teachers from Brazil will be visiting the Doss on Thursday, January 15th. I will be meeting with the delegation to talk about the American Education system and about Doss. We will also be visiting classrooms. Thanks in advance for welcoming our visitors to our campus.

MAZE and CBRM Tests:

Its that time of year again! Please keep an eye out for MAZE and CBRM tests ( I will put them in your boxes this week). The Testing and data entry window is Jan.5th-Feb. 6th. Please let me know if you have any questions about data entry or the testing of MAZE/ CBRM. Remember, students falling in the bottom 25th percentile on MAZE (National Norms) will need to be tested with CBRM (Fluency).



Granted Additional Custodian

The district heard us! I have been pleading for additional custodial support for the last two years. Finally, we have been granted a fifth custodian! Yeah!

Please help us welcome our new addition to the custodial team - Ruth Granjeno.

Ruth comes to us from Austin High School with a wealth of experience!

Her area she will be focusing on is the Gym, Portables 5&6, Portables 9&10, Portables 11&12, Portables 17-20, and Portables 23&24, as well as helping in the cafeteria.

Welcome our new addition to Doss:

Please help us welcome our new addition - Hanyu Wu. She will be our One World Languages - Chinese teacher.

She taught Chinese at Cornerstone Schools in Detroit, Michigan.

She will be replacing Amanda Lin.

Her first work day will be Monday, January 12th.

Walking Wednesday

Want to get a little exercise in before the school day begins?

We are beginning a "Walking Wednesday" Program for staff. Meet in the front lobby - ready to walk- and we will go out to walk together for 30 minutes. Check the calendar for dates.

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 9, Friday - First Friday & Parent/Principal Coffee

Jan. 12, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Jan. 15, Thursday - CAC

Jan. 19, Monday - Staff & Student Holiday

Jan. 21, Wednesday - Staff Walking Wednesday

Jan. 26, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Jan. 28, Wednesday - Science Fair

Look Whooo's Having a Birthday:

1-9 ~ Diane Means

1-18 ~ Mickie Plaisance

1-18 ~ Sue Raup

1-30 ~ Martha Ramos

Happy birthday from "Owl" of Us!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week:

"Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

-Albert Einstein