How to do hairstyle

By:Irma Santiago


it might take a lot of time but at least it takes away the boredom


-wand(hair curler)
-normal brush
-small thin brush
-atleast 2-3 hair clips


1.Turn on the hair curler
2.Wash hair
3.Dry hair
4.Brush hair
5.Divide hair into two sections
6.Grab a hair clip and on one side of the hair clip it
7.Start by getting the other part of the hair and again divide it into another section and clip it
8.Get the wand(hair curler)
9.Get a piece of the hair
10.Start by puttin the hair curler up side down and start rolling the hair into it
11.Repeat steps 9-10

My Experience:

Well when ever iam bored and have nothing to do i start doing someones hair. I actually enjoy doing hair,its so fun. Eventhough you have to have a lot of pacient. Iam really proud of my self because i know many people can't curl their hair and there are few that can do it and iam one of those few people(: