Oprah Winfrey

Tyliyah Rice


- She was abused by her uncle(more than one)

- She was abused at nine and got pregnant at the age of 14

- Her baby past

- Had to keep moving from house to house with her mother and grandmother

- Was going to get married to her close friend guy

- Couldn't get married because of her schedule and had to do a show on the day she was going to get married

Direct and Indirect Quotes

- Her kids were they communities that she do and helping children.

- "Winfrey takes care of nearly two hundred girls attending her leadership academy for girls, the school opened in South Africa in 2007."

- "'You become what you believe'"

- She had TV shows and was a journalist and filming and having her own empire.

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey had hard times in she was young. She had to go back in forth to her mother and grandmother house and sometimes dad. Oprah was born January 29,1954. She graduate from Tennessee State University. When she was living with her grandmother she was in Mississippi. Her mother and her was living in Milwaukee.


Oprah is resilience because she had a bad childhood and she didn't let nothing stop her from what she wanted to achieve and wanted to become. Oprah had a child at the age of fourteen and her lost it but it was a boy.
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