Under The Stars

Ashley Lang

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Under The Stars

Everything is dark.

Fear has left

leaving behind the nothingness in its place.

I don't cry

You are no longer here to hold me.

Remember our first moments

hidden in the trees on the mountain.

I hear your laughs,

your shivers

and give you my jacket.

I see the fire

the embers glowing in the wilderness.

And suddenly it was September.

I felt the thick blindfold

as you led me onto the green grass.

You were so nervous.

As my vision returned

there you sat


with arms open wide.

The sweet surprise

of a picnic

and a night watching the stars.

Today we put you to rest.

The memories will fade

like paint fades in the winter

but your spirit still shines on.

it is now that I realize

that you'll never really be gone.

Echosmith - Bright [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]