The Battle of Dunkirk

By: Elizabeth DeLaTorre

Allied Powers: France & Great Britain

Axis Powers: Germany

May 24th- June 4 1940

This battle was fought in Dunkirk France.
Germany's Army conquering France and Great Britain sends troops to help. Surrounded and blocked by Germany retreat was harsh. The rescue operation was called Operation Dynamo. This operation had problems, sunken ships and difficult navigation in the sea as though no rescues within a week. Operation was mobilized recovering less than 8,000 troops predicted to take 40 days to recover all. Civilians pitched in with managing to organized the "little ships" which were lifeboats/yachts/fish boats. In all this was referred as the "Dunkirk Spirit". They were able to rescue 332,226 men in the end of this evacuation.


Germany had won the battle capturing France in the end. All the allies wanted to do now was try to rescue safely as many troops as possible. What helped the Allies much was when Germany's divisions were called back. Churchill referred this evacuation as a "miracle".

Allies & Axis Casualties

British: (about) 68,111 French: (about) 290,000 German: 27,074 and 111,034 wounded.

Intresting Facts :D

  • German Generals: Gerd von Rundstedt and Ewald von Kleist.

  • Allies Generals: Lord Gort and Maxime Weygand.

  • ON June 2000 small boats reenacted the channel crossing of dunkirk.

  • 40 destroyers in evacuation; 13 were fit for further service.