Students with Visual Impairments

in the General Education Classroom

Having a student with a visual impairment in your class for the first time can be just a little bit scary. You may not feel comfortable about how your student will get access to the lessons that you teach. You may worry about how he or she will move around your class and participate fully in the classroom routine. You may even be a little nervous about the student's safety. In this training, we will address these topics and many more to help you understand the joys of having a student with a visual impairment in your class.
September 25, 2014

9AM- 4PM ESC Region 11 Click here to register

January 12, 2015 RETN

1PM-4PM RETN Click here to register

For more information contact

Stephanie Isbell, M.Ed.

Regional Consultant for Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility