Land Of Stories Beyond The Kingdoms

Report By Jillian Kelly

Book By Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer is the author in this book and has also written the other books in the Land of Stories series. Beyond the Kingdoms is the 4th book in the series.


Alex Bailey: Is determned, presistant, a twin, kind, smart, and lives in the fairy tale world.

Conner Bailey: Is clever, funny, a twin, sneaky, good at quick thinking, and lives in the fairy tale world.

Red(Red Riding Hood): Is kingdom ruler, good friend, girly, committed, and lives in fairy tale world.

Jack and Goldilocks


The masked man is still in the fairy tale world, and is recruiting an army to destroy both our world and the fairy tale world. How is he recruiting enough people to destroy the world? He got a potion that the fairy godmother had created that allows you to travel into any book you have in possen. You drop three drops of potion on the book and it opens up into a portal that takes you into the books world. But if anything happens to the book you will be stuck there forever. His idea is to recruit the evil villains from stories. These villains are just as they are described. With all the villains on the Masked man side, and with Alex kicked off of the fairy council she can't warn that they could all be in danger from the masked man. So the twins (Alex and Conner), with their friends have to try to save the world from the Masked Man themselves.


Because many of the main characters are split up and the book is in 3rd person there is a climax for a few different people. For Red her husband and her were split up and she finds him trapped in a magic mirror. magic mirrors you can not escape from from without very powerful magic. For Conner and Alex: The Masked man put the inside of a book and destroyed the book so they could not escape.


Since this book is in a series there was no real resolution. It ended at a cliffhanger and did not solve the main problem. But Conner and Alex found pages of another book and create another batch of potion to escape.


Sometimes there is more deeper in then it seems because though out the book people figure out things that a deeper in that show more about the story. Like Bree finding out she is realated to the magical world. Also sometimes you have to do things for the good of other because the main characters in the magical world are working to save many people and to stop the world from falling into the hand of the Masked Man.


I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was very interesting and pulled you into the story. I would recommend this book to any one that likes fanasty stories. Also if you like the original fairy tales this is a more modern spin off of original fairy tales. If you like books that have alternative universes this is also a good book for you because there are a mutidpule demensions in this book. One thing that bothered me though is it said the word "said" a lot even when a person talking in all capital letters. But I really enjoyed the story and the book itself.
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