SIG at The Hudson School

Week 2 Newsletter

Reminders from the Office

  • Closing Ceremony for SIG will be next Friday (7/26) at 4:15 PM. Pick up is still at 4 PM! We invite our parents to peruse our "Gallery of Student Achievement" in the 3rd Floor classrooms where final projects and videos will be displayed. At approximately 4:30 PM, we will gather in the Gym on the 4th Floor for our Certificate presentations. We invite our families to celebrate with our fantastic students.
  • Author's Tea for the "Wild Things" is Friday (7/26) at 10:30 AM. Students in this class will share their books with classmates, and parents are welcome to attend as well.
  • Biology of Me students, the at-home portion of your projects is due on Monday 7/22!

Sports Stop - B

This week, we have discussed the different classifications of games. The class considered the importance of field/court dimensions and how they can affect the game being played. We looked at some different sports from around the world and discussed the ways in which they were similar to sports the students were already familiar with. In the sports we pay each lesson, the students have been encouraged to use more and more strategy. We have considered th difference between going into a game with a plan and thinking "on the run."

Art Alley

We began the week with an exciting visit from a Hoboken artist, Bill Curran, who had just returned from a grant to paint in Maine. Bill brought his paintings and equipment to show the class, and did a demonstration painting with oils of our very own Miss Gabrielle, who posed as his model. Everyone had questions to ask Bill. The students also did their own artwork inspired by Bill. The next day the students learned to do an etching and printed their own greeting cards. Adventuring into sponge printing, the floodgates of creativity have opened!

Under The Sea

In our second week, we have been participating in a water pollution experiment, adding new types of pollution to our watr samples each day, and testing the pH and observing the results of the pollution. Additionally, we learned about the world's five oceans and their characteristics, and extreme ocean wether and phenomena such as hurricanes and tsunamis. The students conducted hands-on experiments to understand how these storms occur and why they produce much damage. The students also learned about sharks and unique sea creatures and fish, and began learning about the food chain in the ocean, taking part in their own "food chain" game of Sharks and Minnows.

Building Blocks of Engineering

Students have each chosen a mechanical challenge involving simple machines. Some students have further explained flight and are building flying machines. Others are creating ground vehicles that wind up and are driven by propellers. We are excited to test our final products!!

Lessons From The Wild Things

Real books are emerging from the bookbinding lesson in class. The students worked long and hard, but they did it! They learned to actually bind a real book and they look sensational! The students are beginning to plot their inside pages, some telling a story and some making a book of cars or animals, choosing various mediums to illustrate their books. All are looking forward to reading and showing their finished books and illustrations to the class at the "Authors' Tea!" We invite our parents to the Tea to be held on Friday, July 26th at 10:30 AM. For more information, please contact Gabrielle at

Biology of Me

Students were very excited about assembling DNA and RNA models with K-nex. Students continued to work on their projects in the computer lab and began work on their posters. They helped each other by giving suggestions and information to complete their at home projects. The highlight of the week was looking at slides of different cells and tissues of the human body. They also viewed slides of different animals, fungus, and beverages.

Reminder that the at home portion of the project is due THIS MONDAY, July 22nd.

The Detective: Master of Mysteries

This week we finished up observing crime scenes and practiced interviewing skills. We also observed the things that make us unique, but could also leave behind clues such as teeth prints, lip prints, and finger prints. The highlight of our week was getting a chance to meet a real life detective and asking him all about the different mysteries he has solved.

Speaking, Writing, Empowering!

This week in Speaking, Writing, Empowering! students studied the differences between formal and informal speaking. Students trained in mastering "tongue twisters." As they practiced them in front of their peers, they learned the value of clear and coherent speech. Students also continued their work on drafting and presenting a commencement speech, after analyzing the remarkable commencement speeches of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Conan O'Brien.

Cracking Codes: Patterns and Probability

We have spent this week learning how to create coded messages (and how to decode those messages) in a number of ways. Students have learned a Number code, a Pigpen Code, and a Reverse Alphabet Code. We even experimented with a Cipher Wheel!! Each student has decided the best way they can show their knowledge about codes, and they are working very hard on this major project.

The Curious Chemist

Things are getting explosive during week 2! Continuing our experimentation of chemical reactions, the students constructed and "exploded" their own volcanoes, using baking soda and vinegar. They were able to follow the Scientific Method using their knowledge of chemical reactions to predict and explain why this event took place. Students also used the computer lab to research their individual questions and to learn more about an element on the periodic table. Other experiments for the week included making "slime" while learning about the three states of matter, and testing the pH of various household acids and bases.

Simple Machines, Complex Designs

We continued our focus on each of the simple machines this week by making our own screw, designing and sailing our own wedge boats, and becoming farmers who used a pulley system to get our wheat to the market. We also decided to cool off a bit and use an inclined plane to make ice cream - YUM! We can't wait to put all of these simple machines together into one big machine next week!

Sports Stop - A

This week in Sports Stop, our athletes learned the rules of soccer and volleyball, and began applying them in two person teams. Students competed in two-on-two soccer matches, basketball practice drills, dodge-ball, and a newly invented sport called "Wollyball." Students also learned more about Baseball and Basketball as they watched and discussed the films Michael Jordan to the Max and the '90s classic, The Sandlot.

Spying: Secrets, Surveillance, and Science

This week, students used a Cipher Wheel to create and crack messages written in code. We looked at how to draw a labeled blueprint of a gadget from multiple angles. The class watched a short film about a Spy and discussed the efficacy of the spy gadgets and techniques used. Each student is working on a major project that will demonstrate their knowledge of the world of spying. This week we made a checklist and a timeline for each student to elp them keep track of how they are progressing, and spent time in the Computer Lab to type up part of the project.

Expanding Your Universe!

Each student is working on an indidual space themed project after having researched the life cycle of stars , how solar systems are made, and what the universe looks like. Students are creating 2D & 3D Models of planets in our solar systems and alien solar systems, while others are planning trips to far away destinations!

Rocks and Minerals

Students spent the majority of this week learning about the characteristics of rocks, such as hardness, streaks, and luster, and they also spent time studying the three types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Each day, new activities were conducted to help students visualize how the rocks formed, suuch as making "sugar glass" to explain igneous rocks, mushing clay pieces to demostrate how metamorphic rocks form, and shaking up a jar of sediment to show students how sedimentary rocks develop. They also spent a day in the computer lab researching characeristics for the rock, mineral, or crystal that they will be creating for their final project.