Gilmer High School

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ormie the Pig


We will describe Making Thinking Visible routines and the basics of SMART goals.

I will describe how to use three new thinking routines in my instruction.

I will review my SMART Goal to increase student achievement and a plan a display for my students to visualize student growth.

Making Thinking Visible

Routines for Introducing & Exploring Ideas

1. Think-Puzzle-Explore

2. Chalk Talk

3. The Explanation Game

4. Compass Points

5. Zoom In

6. Compass Points

Routines for Synthesizing & Organizing Ideas

1. Headlines

2. I Use to Think…Now I Think…

3. Connect, Extend, Challenge

4. CSI : Color, Symbol, Image

Routines for Digging Deeper

1. What Makes You Say That?

2. Sentence,Phrase,Word

3. Tug of War

4. Circle of Viewpoints

Making Thinking Visible

Color Symbol Image

The purpose of CSI: Color, Symbol, Image is to use visual connections to represent big ideas.
Big image
1. Fold paper to form 9 sections by folding in thirds and then again into thirds

2. Label top sections : Color, Symbol and Image

3. Under Color title - select a color which represents your use of Making Thinking Visible routines

4. Under Color selected write why you chose your color

5. Share your color and reason with your table

6. Under the Symbol title - Create a simple symbol or emoji which represents your use of Making Thinking Visible routines

7. Under the Symbol created write why you chose your color

8. Share your Symbol with your table

9. Select an Image which represents your use of Making Thinking Visible routines

10. Sketch or write the name of your Image

11. Explain why you selected your Image

12. Share with your table why you chose your image

Circle of Viewpoints

The purpose of Circle of Viewpoints is the identification of perspectives around an issue or problem.
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Greatest Football Highlights! Part 2
1. What are the perspectives or view points of the people watching the video clip?

2. Share your perspectives or view points with your table

3. Select a viewpoint an respond to - I think.....

4. Share viewpoint with table

5. Respond from your viewpoint to..A question I have from this viewpoint is?

6. Share your thinking

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Let's Take a Break!

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The purpose of Zoom In is to describe, infer, or interpret portions of an image.
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SMART Goal Measurement - Kelton