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Congratulations to Teachers

In case you missed the local news:

John Larkins from Freeman High School was a finalist for an REB Award, and even though he didn't get an REB Award, being a finalist still hot him a financial reward.

Andrew Baker and Schuyler Van Valkenberg, both from Glen Allen High School were recognized as the county's newest Nationally Board Certified Teachers.

Three cheers! Literally.

General Assembly

IMPORTANT NEWS: There are currently 10 bills in the General Assembly concerning the Standards of Learning. Furthermore, 24 school boards across Virginia have signed a resolution calling for changes in the SOLs. Add to that a new governor.

The best bill, is HB498 by Delegate Krupicka from Alexandria. Here is a write up on his bill.

The highlight to his bill is that it ensures social studies being taught in the elementary school while reducing the number of SOLs in grades 3 - 6. This would be guaranteed by creating state monitored authentic assessment or project based assessments. There are 7 proposals in the link above that you can read.

Community Service Opportunity

Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 can now apply for summer volunteer positions at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond’s MCV Campus.

More info here.

Girl Rising

On March 19, at 7pm at Hermitage High School, the United Feminists, United Sisters, and Human Rights Club are showing the movie, Girl Rising. Check out Girl Rising online. The movie is free to the public!

If you have any public programs you'd like advertised, let me know.

Psychology Teachers

The inaugural Virginia Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools Conference will take place on Monday, March 3, 2014 in Charlottesville. This event is funded by the APA’s High School Teacher affiliate group and hosted by Albemarle County Public Schools. The event features Dr. James Freeman and Dr. Fred Smyth as keynote speakers and will include opportunities for high school teachers to meet and share ideas and resources. This conference will run from 10:30-5:00 and participation is free.

More information here.

Instructional Ideas

Click here to go to the HCPS SOL Resources WikiPage

Digital resources for SOL courses including state guidelines, online textbooks, and other resources to use in the classroom.

Social Studies Resources

See the orange button? Right above this? That's a new permanent feature. Click it and it will lead you to tons of social studies resources that are easy to click to. The site is growing, so keep checking it out.

Google Plus

When you think of Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first two things that come to mind. One of the competitors to Facebook is Google +. It's been around a few years, and I'm not sure how well it's doing. However, it's now unblocked in the county and is part of your normal Google log in.

When you're logged into Google, you'll see your name in the upper right with a + sign next to it. Click it, and you're in. I created a Social Studies group that I'll post things in that you can see at school. You can join here.

One benefit of Google + is "Hangouts." It's a great way to run online meetings or online study sessions.

Check it out!

Using Current events

Current Events is a staple in many Social Studies classrooms, but, you don't just have to rely on CNN. Here are other sites you may like better:

Newsela: Newsela helps students develop close reading and critical thinking skills by offering current event articles with varying levels of text complexity. Lexile levels of an article range from 2nd grade up to 12th grade which allows for differentiation within the same classroom. The articles are categorized by war/peace, science, kids, money, law, health and arts. Many of the articles are accompanied by quizzes that provide quick feedback. Newsela is currently in beta and is free for all teachers.

Dogo News: This is a current events website designed for kids and teachers. For kids, the stories are interesting and written at appropriate level. For teachers, each article is identified for grade level and is accompanied by key vocabulary. An added feature is that each story is tagged for its geographical location which can be located on the site's "map" tab.

Tween Tribune: Tween Tribune posts age appropriate news stories found on the internet for students grades K-12. The stories are sorted by age group and there is spanish section as well. At the end of each story, students can respond by leaving comments or take a quiz.

Teaching Kids News: TKN looks like a real newspaper and it read like one as well. The website shares stories from the areas of news, entertainment, sports, science, arts, and politics. Their content contains media literacy activities and is targeted to learners grades 2 - 8.

Found at: Learning Never Stops

Trivia and Other Balderdash

Trivia: Teachers- 8 and Mike- 4

Last week, Hana Hecht won with answering "Golden Gate Bridge."

This week:

Which state is a little bit Texas and a little bit West Virginia?

Emma Update

Emma has begun to review for her mid-term.
The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10