Animal Trainers

College Career Flyer/Brosure

Tasks and Conditions

1. Evaluate animals to determine if they can be trained.

2. Familiarize animals with human voices.

3. Teach animas to follow commands.

4. Cue or signal animals during performances.

5. Observe animals for well-being and administer medications if needed.

Tasks and Conditions

Animal trainers typically work at animal training facilities such as obedience schools. Some work is done indoors and some maybe done outdoors. There are a variety of training needs including obedience, show, or professional goals. Work requires a lot of standing and walking. Most trainers work a 40-hour week.

Education & Experiance

Though a high school diploma is the minimum formal education required for this occupation, some may require vocational training after high school to obtain certification, an associate degree, or a bachelors degree.