How To Survive an Earthquake

Hannah Schiltz

Before an Earthquake: Be Prepared

Even if you are in region where earthquakes are not common, still prepare a earthquake shelter zone. Place blankets, pillow, extra clothing items, plenty of water, and many different dehydrated and/or canned foods with a can opener. Also, have a first aid kit handy as a precaution for any possible injuries.

During an Earthquake: Know What to Do

If you are inside during an earthquake, move away from windows and doorways. Drop to the ground and go under the nearest table. Hang on and wait for the shaking to stop.

If outside, do not move. Drop to the ground and make sure to be as far from buildings as possible. Wait for the shaking to stop then slowly get up.

After and Earthquake: Prepare for the Unexpected

Expect there to be aftershocks. They may come right away or they could come years later. Before you move, look around and make sure it is 100% safe. Help free people stuck in the damage, but don't move the seriously injured. Call for professional help instead. Be careful, look our for fly away glass, metal, etc. put out small fires with an extinguisher near by.