Motion Lights

By: Meher, Jeremy, Aakash, and Michelle

Why should we install motion lights?

•We chose this idea because most schools, including West, use up a lot of light because of their size. West doesn't turn off the lights until after school.

•If we can install the motion lights, then we can save lots of energy and lots of money.

•In addition, we only need to provide 1 motion sensor for every large area of space, which saves lots of money.

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The picture shown above shows one of the cheapest, most effective, motion sensors. It can be bought from Home Depot at the cost of $19.97 per sensor.

•However we only need one sensor per room or hallway, and there are roughly 70 rooms.


•Motion sensor lights are decently expensive to install, and they have to be re-installed roughly every 5 years.

•Although this seems like a huge downside, in the long run it saves much more money. We have a graph to show you down below.

Big image
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As you can see, the Motion Sensor Lights start off more expensive but in time, quite quickly, it will save lots of money.

•However Motion Sensor lights need to be replaced roughly every 5 years, which will add just a little bit to the cost.

A video explaining how do install the motion sensor lights

Here are some charts to show the profit for switching to Motion Sensor Lights

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Pros and Cons

•Installing indoor motion sensor lights can present you with several unique benefits.

However, there are a few drawbacks with indoor motion sensor lights as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of indoor motion sensor lights.


•One of the major benefits of indoor motion sensor lights is that they can save you lots of electricity. Many people go throughout the school and then forget to turn the light off after they leave the room. Motion sensor lights will turn the lights off for you when you are not in the room.


When you enter a room, the light will automatically come on. You do not have to reach for the lightswitch and locate it in the dark.

•Electrical Efficiency

Having Led motion sensor light technology is very efficient because the eventuality of leaving your lights on by mistake is totally eliminated.

•No Need Of a Switch

How many times have you tried to enter into a dark room and switch on the light but end up hurting yourself? Well with the help of this technology you do not have to continually switch on and off your light because the sensor will do it for you.


•Lack of Control

Sometimes, you want to walk into a room and not have the light come on. When it is in the middle of the night, for example, sometimes you do not want the light to come on.

•Unwanted Shutoff

Another problem that you could sometimes run into is that the light will go off when you do not want it to. For example, you might be sitting still reading a book and the motion sensor shuts the light off.


As we can clearly see through these graphs and charts, just within 5 months of installing the Motion Sensor Lights, CMSW would've saved up to $12205.35.


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