Having an ARRRRGGGH day?

What is Stress?

Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain or tension from adverse of very demanding circumstances. In a daily life of a teen, the biggest causes of stress are: academics, finances, relationships, future plans, and adjusting to college life. Short term effects of stress includes: anxiety, sleeping problems, forgetfulness, constant worry, negative talk, and possible academic problems. Long term effects include: degrade of the immune system (due to elevated levels of stress hormones), heart problems, exacerbate respiratory and gastrointestinal, chronic anxiety, and depression.


Every teenager in high school goes through, big surprise, LOTS of stress. There is so much going on during the school day that by the time teens come home from school, thereś even more work to be done. With this constant stress schedule, students just do not have the time to enjoy themselves, or even sleep for that matter!

“School, homework, extracurricular activities, sleep, repeat—that’s what it can be for some of these students,”

- Noelle Leonard, PhD

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So How Bad Is It?

Letś Talk About Academics

Grades, school, and preparing for college are the biggest factors to stress. Students overwork themselves to the max when it comes to school. About 48% of students reported having at least 3 hours of homework each night. When putting a teen's schedule in perspective, that means at least 11 hours each day is spend on school work each day. Not only that, teens also have to account work hours and extra curricular. With having so much already on their plate, it's no wonder teens aren't getting enough sleep (teens are expected to have at least 9 1/2 hours of sleep!!!).

And What About Social Pressure?

During adolescence, teens have to go through a phase of wanting to fit in. Of course, that requires a lot of work and energy on their part which causes a great deal of stress. On average, girls accumulate more stress regarding social pressure than boys. 68% of girls reported that their appearance is a significant source of stress (55% for the boys). 45% of girls reported feeling angry in the past month (36% for boys). And lastly, 34% of girls felt pressured to be a certain way (22% for boys).
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Mental Health Effects

With a pile stress slowly increasing each day, teens are more prone to develop anxiety and depression. Having these psychological effects can potentially lead a teen to go towards drugs as a solution or commit suicide. Other effects include eating disorders such as binge eating or the exact opposite-- not eating at all. And that's not the worst news of them all. With these negative effects on the teens mind, majority of them do NOT report these issues to anyone at all!
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So How Do I Deal With Stress?

Ways To Relieve Stress

Luckily, stress is manageable! Although it's impossible to live a completely stress-free life, decreasing stress could make your day easier to go though, making life more enjoyable.

The following are ways that can relieve stress:

  • Practice meditation/ focused breathing
  • Focus on positive emotions
  • Set a schedule
  • Exercise
  • Do a favorite activity
  • Talking through it with a close person
  • Sleeping
  • Focus on your strengths

And lastly, be aware of what is causing your stress! With some self awareness, managing it will become easier to do.

Teens have No Reasons to be Stressed Out (by Drew Werbowski)