Dairy Queen

by Abby Vandelune

The Plot

Dj Schwenk is a teenage girl. She lives on a farm and does all the work because her dad is injured. One day Jimmy Ott, a rival coach, comes to her house and askes her to train his quarterback Brian Nelson. After a while she agrees and they start training. When Amber finds out she gets really mad and gets annoyed when they talk about it. After a while she starts to develop a crush on him. She then finds out that Amber doesn't like him because Amber likes DJ and thought that they were dating. Dj did not.

She didn't want to act like a cow anymore, she makes the courageous dicision to try out for her football team. She makes the team and when they leave on of the practices a couple of Hawley football players are waiting for them. When they start arguing Beaner starts saying that DJ is going to tackle the Hawley quarterback, who happens to be Brian, and he gets a hurt look on his face. They start the game and Hawley is winning. At half time they all get mad and want to win so DJ askes her coach if she could play. When she is put in she catches the ball and gets a touchdown. Redbend starts making daddy jokes to Brian. Redbend ends up winning 14 - 10.

Brian goes to her house the next day because Jimmy makes him. They end up talking for a while. They talk about how it would be hard to date or even be friends because their schools are rivals. They want to try anyway. They make amends. DJ says she doesn't know what is going to happen and is just going to live her life, not as a cow, but as herself.


( Opinion about the Book)

I think the book was really good. I liked the fact that it was her school project and she wrote it like a diary. It was cool how she got on the football team and got the touchdown. I liked how she started having a crush on him and wanted to date him. I thought it was cute when he kissed her forhead and they trained and ran together. My favorite part was when they kissed and she ended up hitting him in the face. I thought that the book ended okay but it would be better if we knew if they dated (even though it's a trilogy) and it could have been a happier ending. It was surprisingly unexpected when Amber said she thought that they were dating. I also liked a lot how she compaired everyone to cows because it makes you look at things differently. I also liked how Bill went to her first game to cheer her on even though their dad told him to leave after their fight. It was a good book and I'm glad I read it.