Athletic Spotlight

Emily Marguerite



Major(s)/ Minor(s)

Economics, Environmental Studies

First BRFC Experience (How did you discover the BRFC):

When I first hear about Max starting the BRFC my sophomore year, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. I found myself missing crossfit and was constantly searching for crossift on campus, which is why I was so happy to hear that the BRFC was being started. From there, the BRFC quickly took off and it has been really cool and rewarding to see how far the BRFC has come since my sophomore year.

How has Crossfit/ BRFC changed your life:

I can honestly say that crossfit has changed my life for the better. While many people think that crossfit just makes you a strong individual, it does so much more. Not only has it taught me a lot about myself mentally and physically, but it also has given me numerous life skills that can be applied to all realms of my life inside and outside of the gym. It has made me both a better volleyball player and a better Denison student amongst many other things. Most importantly, crossfit has shown me that I am not defined merely by numbers on a chalkboard, but by the progress and relationships that I make in the gym and how I live my life outside of the gym. I have recognized that I am part of something so much bigger than myself and I am beyond lucky to receive the support that I do from the members and coaches in the BRFC and the crossfit community. I mean I get to workout with my fellow peers in the BRFC, Granville residents at AFC, and my 55-year-old dad at home and how cool is that?!

Favorite Movement

Hang Clean

Why do you come to the BRFC

I come to the BRFC because it is an environment and club unlike anything else on campus. Not only are the people great and extremely supportive, but also the workouts push you to your limits physically and mentally. One of the best parts about the BRFC is the amazing group of people that you get to meet, which is why it is an honor and a pleasure to workout with some great and genuine individuals. Also, I love being able to work out down at Always Forward Crossfit because it is a great gym that has high-level coaches that are extremely informative and always willing to help.

What do you do on your days off from the BRFC

I do a multitude of different things on campus besides the BRFC, so on my days away from the BRFC, you can find me working in the varsity weight room, in meetings, working on my senior ENVS project, or hitting the books in the library.

Advice for anyone considering joining the BRFC

Join and come to a class! A lot of people are intimidated initially by the BRFC because they think they are not cut out for crossfit or are not in good enough shape to come. However, this is certainly not the case. Anyone and everybody can do crossfit and come to the BRFC regardless of their fitness or athletic backgrounds or physical strength. In addition, the BRFC is such a great and supporting environment, so when you come to a class, you will immediately feel like you belong in the club. Most importantly, you will get a great workout in with some pretty awesome people and who doesn’t love that?!

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Wendell Jackson

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