China: The Electric Waste Basket

By Gage Klassen

Water For Life

Everybody and everything needs water. Lots of Earth of is covered in water, just not the water we need. Most of Earth is salt water, if ingested it can cause dehydration, and may lead to death. There is only about 2 percent of fresh water. Most of it is frozen in glaciers or in ice caps. Most of freshwater is used to grow food to feed the worlds population. Smaller amounts are for industrial purposes, and household needs. As Earth's population grows the demand for freshwater is increased as well. A large portion of the fresh water we use is being wasted by inefficient drainage systems. Our water sources are also being polluted from processing plants. Global Warming which is the reason of releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere is also diminishing freshwater sources. Climate change has changed extreme flood, droughts, and streams. In certain places global warming is causing bad droughts which is resulting in a large loss of animal and human lives. Because we are losing water very rapidly countries are going to war for the right of water usage. To conclude “The availability and control supplies are issues poised to define life in the twenty-first century

”(Paragraph 12) Stuart .A. Kallen.

The Electric Waste Basket of the World

Do you ever wonder what happens to your old cell phone or your old computer that you didn't want? All of your Electronics that you don't want, or were thrown away. They go there to be torn apart. Every Street is filled with laborers working, to tare apart electronics.Electronic waste in China is Growing. They take it and resell it to Foxconn for money. Piles of technological junk right outside of town, if fields. Enormous animals stomp through piles of it too get water.


Releases of mercury into the air cause possible death. Flat screen displays often use mercury, a highly toxic metal. Much of the toxic pollution comes from burning circuit boards, plastic and copper wires, or washing them with hydrochloric acid to recover valuable metals like copper and steel. Also high levels of cadmium show up in rice. The country is rapidly generating its own supply of e-waste. China now appears to be the largest e-waste dumping site in the world.

Cleaning up the Enviroment

The government is finally cracking down on pollution. They decided to stop the cycle of electronics coming back to China. The organization has a message for consumers who seem to get new phones, tablets, and other computer devices. Take more responsibility with their devices. According to a GreenPeace activist, "When you thing about changing, or buying anew product, always think about the footprint that you put on this planet." Well this is a good idea, but the question is, are people willing to give up money to help the environment?