Shining Diamonds GO PURPLE!


What's this you ask?

When we talk about PURPLE we are talking about a $1000 show!!! Our goal for each and every show is to invite 40+ girls and have 10 or more attend to get to $1000! That will give YOU the best paycheck per hour AND your hostess the best HOSTESS CREDITS!

This week on the Shining Diamonds page we are going PURPLE! Each day I am posting a tip to help you hostess coach.

Here is a RECAP in case you missed the first two days......

Day ONE!

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What can $1000 give your hostess and you?
- $250+ FREE and 4 half off items for your hostess!!!!
- $250+ CASH for YOU! *for 2-3 hours of work!!!

My goal is to always get a show to PURPLE! It may not always happen AT the show, but I work hard before and after for outside orders as well.

The first step....INVITING enough girls! Typically only 1/3 of girls attend a show! SO the MORE your hostess invites the better odds she will get at least 10 or more girls there! The BEST way to invite...the INVITE SYSTEM! Hands down, it works!!! If you are having low turnouts at shows, it could be because you aren't using the invite system. Don't rely on FB events!!!! Take charge and explain to the hostess it is your job to help her get the most attendance at her shows!

Challenge On MONDAY was......
***** POST a screen shot of your NOVEMBER shows that are in the system and have 40+ people invited! If you don't have 40....go back and work with your hostess to add more!!!!!
Post by MIDNIGHT and you'll be entered to win a POUF!

CONGRATS to Ann Marie Phillips on winning DAY ONE!

Day TWO!!

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Print out the STEPS to a PURPLE SHOW!

Steps to make every trunk show Purple!

By Stefanie Ott on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 7:41am

Steps to make every trunk show Purple!

Follow this system every show you add to your calendar and you'll see the sales and the attendance of your shows hit $1000 more and more! Once you set this system in place, it will become habit and take you no time at all!

1. When you've added the show to your calendar do the following immediately:

put her contact information in your phone/contacts (perfect for giving her a quick call or text to keep the excitement going!) and for directions when you head to the show.)

place it in the trunk show planner system, personalize the invitation in the system and send the hostess welcome email to your hostess.

* if the trunk show is more than 14 days away, I will send the hostess a save the date to send first. You can find all of this in my "Save the date/hostess welcome" in our team files.

* if the trunk show is less than 14 days away, tell the hostess to go ahead and send the invites out, and they can either load the emails themselves or send them to you to load yourself.

** In invitation settings I turn off the after the trunk show email. You'll see why below ;)

2. Create Your Hostess Packet!

Mail or deliver this to your hostess as quickly as possible. Show your hostess your dedication to trunk show.

Inside: 2 look books, 2 holiday books, opportunity brochure, trunk show planner, personal note and 15-20 paper invites.

You MUST do paper invites. You MUST do paper invites.

There are many ways to do it, the way isn't important, the fact that you give your hostess something in paper to hand out is what IS important! She can hand them out to neighbors, stick them under doors in her condo building, to moms at school, at the gym. Wherever she is, you want her to have a way to invite people to her trunk show!

* some ways to do paper invites:
- a. Use the notecards/stationary found in the business supplies section of your lounge. Print to 5x7 - you can find a template in our files, and pictures as well. Insert the invite into the envelope they come with along with a mini look book.

-b. Download the Red Stamp App, find stella & dot templates in the collections, save the image to your camera roll, and then print them to your local CVS, Walgreens etc.

-c. Put a label on the back of the mini look book with the trunk show information.

-d. Write the information on the back of the mini look book.

-e. Print the image that is created when you put the trunk show in the system.

3. Encourage your hostess to invite at least 40 people. Help her build the list by using our Social Mixology sheet or just talk her through how she can build her - be her partner!

4. Stay in communication with your hostess! Share the TSEOs, share a fun pic from pinterest, check in with her about her RSVPS - just be friendly and excited and she'll be excited too!

5. Send a just before the trunk show email to all Yes, Maybe and Not replied the day before the show. (find this in our team files.) This introduces you to the guests and gets them excited!

6. Have your hostess do personal reminders too! Those personal reach outs will help secure those late replying guests. She could text them a Red Stamp Image, or just a message to let them know she can't wait to see them.

7. Engage her at the show. (You've already encouraged her to keep food and drink very very light. So she'll have her hands free too to play and help you style the guests!) You and the hostess should wear super simple clothing so that you can both change your necklace/scarf over and over again!

8. After the show, send the "post show follow-up to all!" Found in our team files!

CONGRATS to Kristy McKillop for winning Day TWO!


TODAY! DAY THREE! You can Participate NOW!

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DAY THREE! This is a LONG one, but PLEASE READ!

Your hostess is your BFF from the time you book your show until three weeks after! A couple of things I do to keep in contact with my hostess!

1. Friend them on FB!!! (I communicate a LOT this way!)
2. Explain to them that we are working this show TOGETHER!
3. Call/text/message throughout the two weeks after the invite goes out!
4. Have them WORK the RSVPS too!!! The goal is always TEN girls!

Together you and the hostess will make this show PURPLE! You need to be in constant contact with one another. I like to send little messages saying how excited I am for her show.

Today I will send one about DOT DOLLARS!
***Hi Alison, I am so pumped! I just found out that Dot Dollars are back! Your guests are gong to be earning some free sparkles in January!!! Check this out (Insert PIC!). Can't wait for your show next week!!!

What if a hostess is MIA?? That's ok! Just keep messaging..don't worry about being "pushy" !!! You are the EXPERT and many times ladies are BUSY and just can't get back to you. Just keeping her excited is the KEY!

Here is an email I send FOUR days before the SHOW I attach pictures of the YES's, MAYBE's, NO"s and NO Responses! I encourage the hostess to personally REACH OUT! I always send 20 paper invites so I tell her to pass those out too or stick in her neighbors mailboxes. I may also send her a quick TEXT to text to her friends. this example from Bonnie Cash Frain! She sends the EXACT words to say to her hostess to text out!

HI Alison!

I am so excited for Sunday! We are going to have a blast. Just wanted to make sure you were able to log in and see the RSVPs If not, here they are so far! Let's get those maybe's to a YES! Our goal is 10 girls We can do it!!!!

Here are the YES's

Here are the maybes..I would text, message etc and let them know you would LOVE to see them

Here are the NO's That's ok!!

And here are the no responses so far! A reminder will go out Wednesday and the I will send a last minute reminder from me on Sunday morning Looks like some girls didn't see the invite, so I would definitely reach out to them

I'll talk to you at the end of the week!!! Yay!!
Stef xo

****Challenge today!
Send a message to your NOVEMBER hostesses TODAY! IT can just be a picture of jewels, Dot Dollars, etc! Something to get her EXCITED about her show. POST your message HERE and be entered to win a DREAM BIG Notebook!

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Who is getting the PURPLE CROWN???

Meghan Scott!

So I will be giving out PURPLE crowns in honor of purple week to girls who had $1000 purple shows this month!

First one goes to Meghan Scott .... holy moly awesome show last week! Share how you always get your shows to purple!!

From Meghan......

It's funny bc this hostess was away and we never sent invites until the week before the show. She had it at her salon after hours and holiday shopping was in full effect! Engravables were huge this party! She is at $1700 and I am going to do a pop up shop next week at her salon for her clients to shop and her to earn even more rewards!!!! And best part...she wants me to set up in her salon on the regular! Exciting!