We Want Some More for America

(Amy Mcdaniel)How Will We Help You


We think you should have a harsh punishment for abusing animals.

We will set up more animal shelters around the U.S.

Ecconmy and Jobs-

Keep tax rates the same regardless of income.

Give tax breaks to families with special needs children or adults.

Childhood Hunger-

Every year 10% of tax money goes to hungry children shelters.

Set up farms accross the U.S. that gives fresh produce to give to hungry children .

Health Care-

Give tax breaks for lowering medical care cost and medical insurance.

(Emma Hallman) Voting Day and Time

Monday, Nov. 5th 2012 at 5-7pm

The Polling Station

Vote for S'more if you want s'more for America!!!!!!

Summary of Candidate and Party:

Candidate: I know you should vote for Virginia Macintosh. She is a strong leader and always up for the job. She represents S'more and is a former Girl Scout. She is very helpful and pumps the iron every morning. She is the wife of Steve Macintosh and the mother of seven kids and caretaker to five pets- talk about the Duggars! She helps out with food drives and gives food to the homeless. I know she would be the best president the U.S. has ever had.

Party: We will help improve America. We will improve economy by keeping tax rate the same regardless of income. We will set up more animal shelters across the U.S. to help stray animals. We will set up farms across the country to provide fresh produce to the communities that don't have it in an effort to end childhood hunger. We will improve health care by lowering medical costs by 5%. Remember- vote for S'more if you want some more for America!