Hamrick's Friday Focus


End of Year Dates

Here is a quick reminder of important dates that I have so far please let me know of any mistakes:

May 1st-May 5th Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2nd- 2nd Grade Field Trip

May 2nd- PTO Night at Chevys

May 3rd- Dr. WIpke Visit

May 4th- District Title I Reading Night (service center)

May 4th- 4th Grade Field Trip

May 5th- Field Day

May 5th- All classroom and book inventory is due to Mr. Burch

May 8th- Small School Track Meet

May 9th- School Board Recognition Night

May 10th- 4th Grade Eclipse Speaker

May 11th- Final Recognition Assembly

May 11th- Retirement and Teacher of the Year Dinner

May 12th- Middle School Transition

May 12th- Grizzly Game

May 16th- Hamrick Reading Night

May 17th- Swing Around

May 18th- Kindergarten Graduation

May 19th- Last Day of School

Article of the Week

Liz sent this out earlier. This is important. These are things that will impact you and we should speak up before it becomes something to complain about.

Legislative Alert - SB 313

Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee voted 3-2 to approve SB 313. As noted before, SB 313 creates a voucher program that will take money away from public schools. In addition, a number of amendments have been added which further hurt public education in a number of ways. It is imperative that public school supporters, including Superintendents, Board members, teachers, parents and patrons contact their local senators to voice strong opposition to this legislation. With the approval from the Fiscal Oversight Committee, the bill may now come before the full Senate for a final vote. You can read the full bill by accessing the link https://www.mo.gov/government/legislative-branch/ and searching under Senate, then bills typing in SB 313.

Video of the Week

Teacher Appreciation Gifts from Home Depot

Resource of the Week

Something to think about as Field Day approaches.