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Monday, October 17th-Work/PL Day

On Monday, we will board a bus at 8:30 a.m. and head to the Leadership Ranch in Republic, MO. We will be back by 11:30 a.m. and lunch will be waiting for us (Chick-Fil-A)! From 11:30 a.m. to 4:05 p.m. will be work time in your classrooms. I am super excited about this opportunity for us to grow our leadership skills and use our Kolbe colors to work together as a team! Here's what you need to know for Monday:

  • Dress comfortably, we will be outside all morning-work-out clothes or shorts are appropriate.
  • Be ready to go & outside the APR by 8:25 a.m.-The bus ride serves as a great time to laugh w/colleagues!
  • Bring a positive attitude and be ready to be stretched! Be ready to laugh and have a ton of fun working alongside your peers!
  • Please print, read, & sign the waiver below and have it with you at 8:25 a.m. Monday morning.

*Principals can utilize 2 hours of PL time on these work days and this activity will go over by 1 hour. This activity is valuable enough to our staff to warrant the additional hour, which is why it is in our PL plan. However, if you would like to drive separately and return to Sequiota to work for the 3rd hour, you are more than welcome to. If this is an option you choose, please let me know.


We are currently attempting to find a great long term substitute for Krissi and had a sub last week that has a teaching certificate, taught in another state but recently moved to Springfield. We would like to try him out before agreeing to use him this winter. Please call him first to pre-arrange if you need to be absent.

Thank you! Information is below:

Ian Campbell


This article includes SEVERAL GREAT resources for Parent/Teacher Conferences-Check this out as you prepare for conferences!

Happy Thursday!

In reading this week, there was a paragraph that really spoke to me. Shawn discusses how although several people are sitting on a subway, not all people view the ride the same. As you read the blurp below, I want you to reflect on "what you choose to focus on shapes how you perceive and interpret your world". Do you presume positive, or do you look for negative?

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Happiness Jar Worth

  • GRFC's looking GREAT! GR is becoming habit at Sequiota! I have been so proud of what I have seen so far! Your hard work is evident!
  • Must Do/May Do schedules!
  • SPED class presented a project to Mrs. Mullins class-they created an artifact and a movie to present their research! The students were super excited and proud of their work!
  • K Guided Math, Classroom Management and differentiating for students w/behavioral concerns!
  • 4/5 Museum Tomorrow!
  • Nurse-great job taking care of our kiddo's and responding promptly to emergencies.
  • Staff member reporting "unusual" door open and close...this is part of our Alice Training...if something is out of place or unusual-report it! It could be nothing, but what if it was something?
  • Many grade level teams completed the flipped BL meeting and have exciting plans for how they are using Google Chrome Cast-I can't wait to see what happens!
  • Christen's support!
  • Teacher using Google/device to take anecdotal notes, shared the file w/me so during GRFC, I can see what notes she is taking based on the conference-WOW!

Thank you to those of you who completed your Alice Plan! If you have not, you will receive an email from me.

Not the only good answers but some of the best to each scenario are here below:

You are in your classroom and you hear, Lockdown! Lockdown! Shooter near the office! What is your plan?

I will ensure that my classroom door is locked and the door blind is closed. Then, I will work to help students escape through the window and we will run across the playground, out the gate and to the movie theater

You are in your classroom, in a lockdown with the door locked. Someone knocks on your door. How do you respond?

I would not respond. Keep students quiet. Do not answer or open the door.

Your class is using the restroom and you hear, Lockdown! Lockdown! Shooter near the office! What is your plan?

If we are at the bathroom by the gym, we would escape through the playground door, run across the playground and to the movie theatre. If we are at the bathroom by the APR, my plan would depend on what I am hearing or seeing. We would either run out an outside door (in the APR or the hallway door by K rooms) or we would move to the first available classroom and lock down there.

ALSO: Steve and I locked the doors to the APR, so if you were to take your students in the APR, and pull those doors shut-they will be locked. Just FYI

You are in your classroom and you hear, Lockdown! Lockdown! Shooter in the K-1 Hallway! What is your plan?

Stay in the room and close the locked door. Have students grab anything they can and sit quietly until we have an all clear. If the intruder tries to enter the door and is able, have students throw what they have at the intruder to throw him/her off.

You are on the playground and you hear on the walkie talkie that there is an intruder in the building, what is your plan?

Escort all students to the gate at the east end of the playground and head to the movie theater.

You are in your classroom and you hear, Lockdown! Lockdown! Shooter in the 2-5 hallway! What is your plan?

Evacuate students (if possible) and head out back gate of playground...and then to IMAX theater; otherwise i'd take them to our lockdown location (equipment closet) and lock us in there with lights off

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