Fertilizers Affect on Tomato Plants

Problem: Which fertilizer will help the plant more?


If the plant has organic fertilizer, then it will grow faster and stronger because it adds no harmful chemicals to the soil and it will stimulate growth.


1. Three tomato seeds

2. Chemical fertilizer (ex: miracle-gro)

3. Organic Fertilizer (ex: pelleted chicken manure)

4. Soil

5. Plant pots

6. Water

7. Sunlight

8. Ruler


  1. Fill three pots with soil from the same source (in other words, don't get your soil from different places).
  2. Dig a small hole about 1- 1 ½ inch deep into the soil of each pot and put a seed into each hole. Bury the seed inside.
  3. Label the pots with the type of fertilizer it is going to contain: chemical, organic, or none.
  4. Add chemical fertilizer to one pot and organic fertilizer to another. Do not put any fertilizer in pot number three.
  5. Water the plants the same amount and take it to a location with adequate sunlight.
  6. Monitor the seeds at their germination. Which one germinated first?
  7. Monitor the daily growth of the plant. Using a ruler, measure the height of the plant and also, check the overall condition of the plant until it reaches the desired height.
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According to the graph, plant 1, being the plant with no fertilizer, grew the least amount. Plant 3 with the organic fertilizer, grew the most; which was exponentially greater than the other two. My hypothesis was correct and it makes sense because the organic fertlizer did not add any harmful chemicals but it still stimulated the growth.
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