Klein High Choir Weekly Update

Week 1

Welcome to Klein High Choir!

We are so happy you are with us in the Klein High Choir Program this year! It is our goal to send a weekly newsletter previewing future events and recapping anything from the previous week. You can also find all archived newsletters for the school year at kleinhighchoir.com.



You can find any choir-related resources throughout the year on our website, www.kleinhighchoir.com. This includes forms, calendar info, all-state, booster club, and more. In addition to our website, your choir Schoology course may also be utilized during the year as an additional resource.

Klein Choir Kickoff - August 18

The Klein Choir Kickoff is next Thursday, August 18th from 5-8pm at KHS. This event is for both choir students and parents. You will receive information about the choir, Booster Club, pay for Chorale polos and other fees, receive information about All-State auditions, voice lessons, and much more. Students will receive their uniforms at Kickoff as well. We heavily encourage all parents and students to attend to ensure we start the school year of right!

Please enter through the front KHS entrance and head down main street to the choir room. The process is organized into several stations to make sure all parents and students get the information they need.


Seniors beginning at 5:00 PM

Juniors (and seniors) beginning at 5:30 PM

Sophomores (juniors and seniors) beginning at 6:00 PM

Freshmen parent meeting at 6:45 PM in the LGI

We look forward to seeing you there!

Parent Volunteers Needed

We are in need of parent volunteers for the Kick Off. If you are interested in serving the choir next Tuesday please email our Choir Booster Club President, Amy Uribe (amysuribe@gmail.com). We really appreciate your help!

Road to All-State

Many of our students have been preparing for the All-State Choir process this summer and the first round of auditions is only 4 weeks away! If you plan on auditioning, don't worry it is not too late! You can call or visit The Music Rack on Kuykendahl, across from Strack, to purchase a packet of music as soon as possible. Click here to purchase the music online.

If you are doing the all-state process and still do not have access to the practice tracks click HERE for those materials.

More information can be found on our website.

An After School rehearsal schedule for the fall semester is in the works. This will be announced in classes ASAP.

If you are interested there is still time to prepare the music, however, you must begin ASAP. Mr. Stultz or Mrs. Berger for more information.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons on campus during the school day will start soon this semester. Please let Mr. Stultz or Mrs. Berger know if you are interested in voice lessons during the school day, after school, or at a voice teacher's home. There was a voice lesson interest form included in our beginning of year forms as well. We have outstanding voice teachers that work with our Klein Choir students. We cannot recommend voice lessons enough for our students who are interested in improving their skills!

Upcoming Dates

August 18 - Choir Kick Off - 5-8pm

August 25 - TMEA Contract/Fee Due

August 29 - Chorale Rehearsal - 6-7:30pm

September 1 - Movie Social Sing Along - 3-6pm

September 2 - Chamber Choir Lock-In - 3-10pm

Contact Information

The preferred mode of communication for us is email

Sean Stultz 832-484-4089 - sstultz1@kleinisd.net

Rebecca Berger 832-484-4088 - rhickman1@kleinisd.net