BTT10 First Term


Gimp is a program that allows you to edit images in many different ways. Some of the features in Gimp are painting, animation, file handling, and lots more.

Together as a class, we learned how to take screenshots by using the screenshot button on the keyboard. Then we were taught how to put them into gimp by going into file, then create from clipboard. We also learned how to edit the screenshots. We could crop them by pressing the rectangular cut option on the left hand side of the screen, pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard and press file and create from clipboard. We also learned how to change colours on the image, add them to our presentations, how to draw on photos, how to save using the JPEG, etc.

We used this tool in class to take screenshots of pages to explain a tutorial for Prezi, Powtoon, or Haiku Deck.

On my own, I learned how to put different types of images inside text.


Google Draw is a program that you use to make charts, diagrams, designs, and more. You can access it from anywhere you are as long as you have a google account.

We were taught many interesting things in Google Draw. We learned how to add shapes by clicking the shape button, how to custom make tables by clicking the table, then insert table, and highlight what you want your table to look like. We learned how to make a line straight by dragging a line and pressing shift, how to put images in front of or behind other images by right clicking and choosing order,etc,

We used Google Draw to explain how to take a good photo. We explained what the rule of thirds is, balance, odd numbers, and golden ratio through pictures that we drew.

On my own, I learned how to add hyperlinks to text, shapes on an images on a picture, and for oddly shaped images.


Prezi is a presentation software that designs and creates presentations. It allows many people to be great presenters will little experience.

During class time, we used Prezi quite a bit. We used Prezi for presentations and other similar things. In prezi, we learned how to use a template as a base, we learned how to add a video by pressing insert, and add an a video from YouTube, or choose to add a photo. We learned how to edit the path by clicking edit, and them moving around the tiles/slides to the places that we wanted. We also learned how to add and delete shapes, text, lines, etc.

We used Prezi to present/explain our EBetter topics. I did mine on Technology: Designed for the Dump. I also used Prezi to do a Prezi tutorial.

On my own, I learned how to add effects to photos in prezi.