Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * November 17-28th, 2014 * Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Our Newsletter is again covering two weeks of school, due to the November schedule! Remember we have a half day on November 26th and days off on November 27th and 28th.

We had some extra special days of learning in November. Our school spent an amazing day learning about inventors right here at Edison School during the first, ever Living History! The students moved around the school and were treated to hands-on lessons by our very own Edison parents! Last week, Second Grade walked to the Municipal Building and learned about our town services, recycling and we met the mayor!

On Thursday, November 20th we will say good-bye to a classmate. V Baker and his family will be moving to Florida, we will miss them and wish them well in their new home. The class will have a small farewell party on Thursday to honor V.


This week, we will find out more about our big idea: “Nature can teach us many things.” We are going to read a realistic fiction story and an information text that will help us answer the question “What helps you make decisions about a character?” In The Ugly Vegetables, a girl learns about her neighbors when she plants a garden. We will also see some HUGE plants from real gardens when we read They Really Are GIANT! an informative text that highlights really large veggies and graphic and text features.

Target Vocabulary: blooming, muscles, nodded, plain, scent, shovels, tough, wrinkled

Phonics Skills: Double consonants and -ck-; double consonants (CVC)

Spelling Words: spell, full, add, neck, stuck, kick, doll, trick, dress, across, will, pocket, cried, pictures, pretty * Cross check

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Comprehension Skill: Conclusions – use details to figure out more about the text

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate – tell how you feel about the text and why

The week of Thanksgiving, we will practice and read a whole-class Reader's Theatre about a family during Thanksgiving called, Thanksgiving With the Tappleton's. Each student will get a part and practice reading individually, then we will read the whole play together. We will also focus on being thankful in our lives through a written project as we make gratitude pumpkins.


Lesson 3.6: Frames and arrows with 2 rules

Lesson 3-7: Making Change by Counting Up

· Counting by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 15’s

· Writing money amounts using cents notation

· Making change by counting up

· Showing coin combinations for an amount

· Key Vocabulary: make change by counting up

Lesson 3-8 Coin Exchanges

§ Counting by 5’s, 10’s and 25’s

§ Writing amounts in dollars-and-cents notation

§ Using strategies to make change

§ Calculating coin amounts

§ Key Vocabulary: exact change light

Lesson 3-9: Progress Check for Unit 3: 11/25

Social Studies:

Students will study the characteristics of good citizenship such as a belief in justice, truth, equality, and responsibility for the common good. We will identify ordinary people who exemplify good citizenship and discuss the pillars of character that we have in Haddon Township. Students will then learn the important skill of how to tell a fact from an opinion. We will wrap up Unit 2 “Our Community” with a review and take the Unit test before Thanksgiving (11/25).

Mark Your Calendars:

November 17th- Board Game Reward- Bring a board game to school to share!

November 18th- Student Council School-wide 50's Day- It's the 50th day of school, dress like you are living in the 50's!

November 20th- V Baker's last day

November 21st- Spirit Day and Feed a Spirit Canned Good Program

November 25th- Unit 3 Math Test and Unit 2 Social Studies Test

November 26th- Half Day: Happy Thanksgiving

Student Council food drive: Second Grade responsibility- jelly!


Students: Please return all work with your name and number!

Parents: Encourage independence and responsibility at home and in school.

Dress in layers: It may be getting chilly, but our classroom is still warm! Dress in layers to be comfortable and bring a water bottle to school each day!