By: Aidan Hance


The Mayans were from southern Mexico and Guatemala. Their art was made from wood, feather, gourd and steles. They made glyphs which were symbols, they were a lot like hieroglyphics. They recorded important events in what was called the codex. The Mayans were ruled by kings and consisted of 4 classes, 1 being the highest was the rulers, 2 was the nobles, 3 was the peasants and 4 being the slaves. They invented a mathematical system based on the number 20. They also used the number 0 and used symbols. They developed a 365 day calendar predicting eclipses. They worshiped a crop called maize (corn) and believed they were made from it. They constructed irrigation canals and used the slash and burn method, which meant that they cut grass and burned it, it was very fertile after being burnt. They played a game kind of like soccer, but with a rubber ball and hole. The loser of each game had to sacrifice, their captain would die.


The Incas were from western South America. They had no writing system, but developed a record system. They invented the quipu system, which was basically knots tied to a long colored rope, they also invented different medicines made from plants. They were important to the society so people would not get sick and die. The rope system helped them keep track of records that were important. Farming methods were complicated, they used the terraced farming method, which meant they cut out flat surfaces and grew crops, they also used irrigation canals. One tradition that the Incas followed was teaching children to work as soon as they could walk. This was important, they needed as many workers as possible.


The Aztecs were from Mexico, they were located on a lake, therefore they had to make many adaptations. They had huge pyramids and structures. The Aztecs lived on a lake so farming and gardening were fairly hard. They made artificial gardens that floated in the water. They were long and narrow. Corn and chocolate were important to the Aztecs.

The Aztecs invented books called codices. They also invented popcorn. Aztecs were brought together by a matchmaker and someone helped to pick a ''lucky day'' for the wedding. This was an important tradition for the Aztecs.