1.Clothing in the Middle Ages

Clothing is very important to us humans!

2.Clothing - a covering that humans use

who is involved in this well of course people are because we use clothing everyday of are lives that we stand on this earth and what the middle ages warn back then was like dresses and things like that but most importantly

3. Clothing in the middle ages...

Most people in the Middle Ages wore woolen clothing, with undergarments made of linen. Brighter colors, better materials, and a longer jacket length were usually signs of greater wealth.(annaenberg leaner)

4. Statement 1

The clothing of the aristocracy and wealthy merchants tended to be elaborate and changed according to the dictates of fashion. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, men of the wealthy classes sported hose and a jacket, often with pleating or skirting, or a tunic with a surcoat. Women wore flowing gowns and elaborate headwear, ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to tall steeple caps and Italian turbans.

4. Statement 2

The Middle Ages is a period in European history that lasted from about ad 500 to 1500. It is sometimes divided into three smaller periods: the early Middle Ages, from 500 to 1000; the high Middle Ages, from 1000 to 1350; and the late Middle Ages, from 1350 to 1500. It is a time in European history when many important ideas about government, religion and art developed. The early Middle Ages is often called the Dark Ages, though many new ideas appeared during this period. ( britannaica .com)

5. Two questions to make for the class to anwser

What did the woman wear in the middle ages

What did they wear that type of clothing?
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7. What I think

what I think about the clothing well its very nice clothing if I was alive back then I would wear those clothes any day but I think the clothes are very pretty looking.......

8. Tesla Sparks 4th period