School Gym

By Johnny

What do we do in gym?

We do exercise, playing other sports games and basketball, football, baseball, kick ball, soccer, volleyball. Also we do some fun stuff when we listen and it used for a basketball games. You get practices when we do something new or we suck at it. But you need to change your clothes at middle school and high school that means pants, shirts, shoes, sock. If you don't you might lose a point of your grade it will be nine out of ten if you don't again you can get zero of it. You can fail gym class if you did not do it.

Why is it important?

It is important because...........

It is important because the gym teacher challenges the students and having fun about the activities playing with friends also grouping with your friends. It is important to burn off fat and exercise get stronger from doing it. Also eating healthy food has apples, peachs, pineapples, pears and etc. The other thing that gym is important it keeps you active from classes and must get fresh clothing and shoes for Middle school, High school if you don't change you can get stinky it is important if not that means you can not participate for activities and etc.
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