Life of a Newsie

Its Tough being a Newsie

Hi, my name is William O'Reilly. My friends call me Will, I am nine years old. My parents are from Ireland. We came here to America when I was just three years old. I live in a big city called Brooklyn in New York. I have two brothers that are older than me. My oldest brother's name is Padraic and he is a newsie too. My middle brother is named Collin. I have one sister named Collette.

We all live together in a small apartment. It is very hard to find work. My father puts soles on shoes for people and doesn't make much money so me and my brother Padraic work together selling the papers every day. This helps pay for our food.

Me and Padraic wake up early in the morning. We buy our papers and sell them to people

going to work or just walking around on the streets. Sometimes they give us a little extra, then we can buy lunch for our family like apples and bread.

We have a competition on who can sell the most papers and make the best profit. It makes the day go faster. We yell real loud to get attention and sometimes the stories would not be true but we would get the paper sold. The more you sell the more you can buy and sell again tomorrow and the bigger the profit you get. At the end of the day you feel good knowing you are making enough money to pay for your families food.

By. Seth Vaders

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