Civil Humanism

Hana Choi & Seoyon Lee


Political and ideological philosophy that emphasizes participation in public affairs and improving contemporary life through active living


  • during the 14th century, it took place in Italian city states, especially Florence.
  • focused on the writings of Aristotle's republicanism, Roman statism, and political experiences of Italian communes
  • revived the classic republicanism that focused on education, free speech, peace, anti-tyrannical, public affairs, and justice
  • civic humanists advocated for the republican government system, education of the ancient classics, and sought higher ends for their society
  • turning point away from medieval ways to liberating modernity
  • viewed wealth as way to improve a person's morality and education


People Involved

Hans Baron

Alison Brown

Eugenio Garin

Frederick Hartt

John Najemy




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