The Writer In Me

All about me as a writer!

Why Do I Write?

I'm a young writer. Like most I haven't the best experience, but through my experiences I can say that I know my preferred kind writing, and the reason why I do write.

Haiku's and 4-20's

These are possibly my favorite 2. The reason being is that they're short, simple, and sweet. If you do them correctly, which can be a bit of a bust sometimes they can have a lot of meaning in a few lines.


Fiction is something that I believe every writer should have a strength in. It lets the writer some up with a story that only their imagination can dream of, and to see those imaginations become somewhat of a visual that's something that can really catch someones eye.
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Inspiration is the thing that keeps me going in writing, or completing a simple everyday task. My inspiration is just connecting the dots in the future, and seeing my potential, and thinking in my head that the only way I can connect dots in the future is to connect the dots in the present.

I'd always also love to read other people's pieces, and see how they did what they do, and see where they made a mistake and managed to recover from that.