Summer Reading

the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime mark Haddon


A 15 year old boy named Christopher John Francis Boone deals with adversity throughout the novel Christopher is a 15 year old autistic child. Christopher has to start dealing with a lot of problems when his mom has an affair with Mr. Shears. this only begins his problems. Chris later finds his neighbors dog killed and wants to investigate it. he will later find out his dad kill the dog after getting into a fight with his neighbor who he was having an affair with Mrs. Shears. Chris finds out that his mother who he was told died is alive in a bunch of letters she sent that his dad hide from him. Chris runs away and goes to his mom in London.
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Character Analysis

Chris deals with a bunch of problems throughout the novel. one of the main issues Chris has is the lack of trust he has with his family once he starts finding a bunch of stuff a 15 year old autistic child he faces a lot of adversity and challenges. everything becomes more difficult because he doesn't like going to new place alone.


the disorder of life is a reoccurring theme in this novel. Chris likes everything to be in order as do most people but once he gets out there he notices a lot of disorder and he had to deal with it. this theme teaches people you have to deal with life as it comes because lt can be unpredictable and you need to know how to improvise.
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the struggle to become independent. this is a theme that every teenager goes through. Chris in this novel has to deal with becoming and wants to become more independent. he learns what that really means once he was out there on his own. and this is for teenagers too they want to be so independent but they don't know what that means until they are actually alone and by themselves.
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overall a very good book. has a lot of good themes to learn from and helps teach a very good message. i would recommend this book to a lot of people especially teenagers because they are Christopher wanting to get on his own more and having to face the challenges of life when your out there and that's what happened to Chris when he was looking for his mom and it shows you can over come everything.
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