Our new BYOD initiative at Shallowford Falls Elementary

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BYOD stands for "Bring Your Own Device." It is an increasingly common phenomenon in schools where children and teachers alike are encouraged to bring a device (a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or other smart device) to school in order to enhance their learning environment.


We at Shallowford Falls have recognized an urgent need in adopting this practice in order to move our school into the 21st century. Our hope in moving forward with this initiative is to accelerate the learning process by incorporating technology that is already familiar to the students to create new and innovative lessons. Under the guidance of a teacher, students will be able to take their technology to the next level with pre-approved apps, websites, and software.

Research has shown an extraordinary amount of advantages to adopting technology in schools starting at a young age. Below are some of the encouraging insights that have motivated this initiative:

There are a plethora of other benefits not listed above in moving forward with BYOD. Below I have linked some resources for you to take a look at to better familiarize yourself with the program.


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We recognize that BYOD is a new idea and that kind of change can be scary . Therefore, we have done some research to provide facts that may potentially ease any concerns:

Q - How do you prevent children from texting and doing what they are not supposed to?

A - How often and whether a child gets to use a device is at the teacher's discretion. Being allowed to use a smart phone in the classroom is a privilege not a right. If a child is caught misusing their technology, the privilege will be revoked.

Q - My family does not have the financial resources to provide a smart device for our child. How will they be able to keep up with the rest of the class?

A - We understand that not everyone will have the same kind of access to these new technologies. Therefore, the school has decide to dedicate some funding to create a tech library that will allow children to check out technology for projects as well as use them in the classroom when needed. It is our responsibility to make sure all students get the same opportunity in learning.

- Please feel free to contact the school with any additional comments or concerns -