Falcon Focus

Issue 5, Volume 1 - March 20, 2018

Falcon Focus - A Weekly Flyer Discussing Technology Tools and Ideas!

Hello all! This week's Falcon Focus is going to discuss Symbaloo! Symbaloo is a curation tool for visually organizing your favorite websites and documents. Instead of searching through a long list of bookmarks, Symbaloo allows you to design webmixes, using tiles, that include images and text. You can choose to color-code the backgrounds and group items together.

Below you will find two tutorial videos, as well as some sample links of what is possible. Click on any of the images to view the Symabloo link.

I will always attach the Google Form at the bottom seeking input as to future topics, so please let me know if there is information or resources I can provide concerning other topics. Reminder: I will keep past Falcon Focus topics on our cmfalcons.org webpage, under the Technology department, for your reference. Issues can be found at http://www.cmfalcons.org/departments/technology/falcon_focus.

Welcome to Symbaloo