Will Sit for Babys

Your #1 sitters in town

contact at 816-289-6592 or meowcatsam@gmail.com

We will sit kids from birth to 8, but might be able to make exceptions . We have a sitter who has been living with her 2 younger, autistic twin sisters for 8 years, so we can sit special needs kids. Our sitters are very positive with the kids, but never too positive.

we have sitters that are well rounded and talented in fine arts. they are used to kids and have siblings that they have babysitted before.our sitters are good at cuinary arts, so we can make meals and snacks.each and every sitter has tooken a class on babysitting.

cash and curfews

Each sitter has a different curfew. we will try to send you a sitter that matches your child's personality and has the right schedule. on week nights we can't stay as late as we could on weekends. Some of our sitters can stay overnight.