This Is Africa

What is TIA?

Basically, TIA is a saying they use in Africa. It stands for "This Is Africa." This is the way Africans look at Africa. They believe that there is no changing Africa, that it is what it is.

TIA in African Imperialism

An example of imperialism in Africa is the RUFs. They took over south Africa, and no one really messes with them as they are in control. Many times Africans believe that they can do nothing about the RUF's because This Is Africa, and because it is what it is. They believe there is no changing Africa, and if there is no one will listen to the change. Especially not the RUF's.

TIA in Slavery

The saying "This Is Africa" is a big part of slavery in Africa. When africans get captured in slavery, they believe they can't do much about and that they don't have much of an option as there is no changing the way Africa is.

TIA in Blood Diamonds

TIA plays a big role in Blood Diamonds. For example, once an African village gets burned down by RUFs there only choice is to try and escape and end up in a Refugee camp, or be turned in to an RUF. The ones who get captured to be and RUF member do not have a choice to disobey as they will be killed then and there. Additionally, the ones who have to look for diamonds do not have a choice either. The RUFs believe that all their workers are easily replaceable, so killing someone is no big deal. If the workers choose to work and stay alive, they don't do much to try and change the situation as it is there way of life as it is the way it is and no one could do anything to change it.