Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson


This autobiography was written by Walter Issaacson about the life of Steve Jobs. Steve was born and almost immediately adapted by his parents in San Diego. From a very young age he displayed obvious signs of his high intelligence level. His parents diligently put him into whatever school he desired and went along with the path he had drawn out for himself. He was a hippie interested in computer science and marketing. He believed in zen, and never ate meat because of the ideas he formulated in his head. He put his mind to work when his friend created a way to connect a keyboard, monitor, and computer together. They started a company and named it apple because they both worked on an apple farm. The company grew and they became very successful together.
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Book Rating

  • Personally I would rate the book a 3 out of 5 because since it is an autobiography, and the fact that it doesn't have a story line makes the book a longer read.
  • Although the book doesn't have a story line, it is one of the best autobiographies iv'e ever read.
  • The only autobiography I liked more than this one, was the one written on Albert Einstien also written by Walter Issaacson.

Concepts, principles, and techniques

  • Do what makes you happy, and what you believe in as long as it's productive and it motivates you, and success will come.
  • Do you what you need to do to accomplish your goals. Don't work because you wan't money out of it, but because you like doing it. Your goals should accommodate with success and happiness.
  • One key attribute or characteristic can alter your success and the path you will follow for the rest of your life.

Author's Purpose

  • To capture Steve's goals and achievements.
  • At first Walter didn't want to write the autobiography on Steve and refused many times. He didn't want to write a book on him yet because he felt that Steve's achievements rate was not over yet, and felt it could increase and key components would be left out of the book. Steve insisted he write the book and he soon accepted it and began his research.
  • Walter was pleased with Steve because he didn't have maintain an authoritative figure over Walter while writing the book. He didn't even want to read it until it was finished and published.
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Greatest Impression

  • The first chapter of the book.
  • It was a great first impression, and it kept me interested enough to continue reading. It had a great attention grabber which was informative on Steve's childhood interests and how his love for computers came to be.
  • The first chapter exaggerated his intelligence, and foreshadowed why he had the ability to start a company like apple.
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Addressed Issues

  • Addresses issues on social perspectives, in terms of the satisfaction of the general population.
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had an objective. That was to make a product that would appeal to the general population, in terms of efficiency, user friendliness, and the way it looked.
  • They didn't want to make a computer that would only appeal to computer geeks.
  • Wozniak wanted to make them and distribute them for free at first just to boost involvement in the field of computers.

Two Passages

Page 75 (Morkulla)

  • This passage talks about a man that goes by the name of Mike Markulla. He played a key role in the production of apple products.
  • He taught Steve all he knows about marketing.
  • He was seen as a father figure to Steve.
  • Ended up abandoning him just like Steve's biological father did.

Page 37 (Reed College)

  • Why Steve dropped out, and how it made him as successful as he was.