1B Update #4

November 13, 2015

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This week in 1B!

A big thanks for classroom donations! We greatly appreciate the books and building materials that have been donated to our classroom! The kids have been very excited to read new stories that interest them. Also, thanks for the shoeboxes and other building supplies.


Our text-to-self connection are going strong and we have begun making text-to-text connections! Just as in making connections to ourselves, the text-to-text connections help us to deepen our understanding of a book by finding the similarities and differences among texts. These connections help us to identify and compare components of books, such as characters, setting, plot, topic, or message.

Questions we ask ourselves are:

Does this text remind me of another book? How?

How is this book similar to one that I’ve read before?

How is it different?

If you have the following books by the following authors at home, you can practice comparing texts using the questions listed above.

  • Kevin Henkes

  • Ezra Jack Keats

  • Tomie de Paola

  • Donald Crews


In writing, we are narrowing our focus on our small moment stories. We made a plan using a Story Planner that helped us to keep our story small and capture the details. Now, we are onto writing the beginning! Encourage us to tell you stories about moments that we have shared. When we do, have us focus on the details! For instance, at the beginning of our story we should include who is in the story and where it takes place as well as details to describe. And of course, have us write down our ideas!


Addition, Subtraction and Number lines...Oh my! 1B families, we are becoming mathematicians more and more each day. Your children have been learning new strategies to solve math problems. We have been working on turning addition problems into subtraction problems using number lines as a strategy to help us solve these problems in another way. This helps us see how subtraction is related to addition by using the same numbers but in a different way. The number lines we have created in class helps us count on and backwards. To support your child at home have them work on change unknown problems. For example 6+__=10 and 10-6= __ or 12+__=22 and 22-12=___. Also have them explain their strategies to you.

We encourage you to work with your kids on practicing their number formation. We’ve been having a blast writing our numbers using shaving cream and forming the numbers with play dough. This is something fun and exciting you can do at home with them as well, but be careful it can get a little messy!

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

First Grade Scientists have begun planning and prepping for their final project--a model biome! While really exploring the plants and animals that make up their biomes, they are also starting to zero in on a "featured animal" that will be a centerpiece in their model. Soon they'll be material shopping and building the plant features in their biome models, all while connecting the environmental conditions of their biome to the reality of living there, including ways that animals adapt and build shelter to survive. We can't wait to see what they'll discover as they build!

¡1B canta, baila y hace teatro en español!

1B continues to explore the Spanish Language through Immersion. At the beginning of November we celebrated el Día de los Muertos by creating an altar for those who pass away. We learned that this tradition is part of cultural experience in some Spanish Speaking countries but mostly in Mexico. We also learned and understand that is not a sad celebration but instead a happy one that remember happy moments with those who are not longer with us.

Now we are learning different types of casas (houses) and we are so excited with our new song. (Check out the lyrics and the video below.) We also created a puppet show based on one of our favorite classic story: Los tres cerditos.

Please continue practicing at home our song and new vocabulary words.

Casa Song


Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Rosado

Yo tengo una casa 1B

Notes for Parents

Weekly Schedule

Below is a general schedule of what happens daily in the classroom.

M- Lit Block, Dance, Recess, Spanish

T - Math Block, Park, Spanish, Art, PE

W - Lit Block, Science

Th- Math Block, Music, Recess

F - Lit Block, Art, Recess, Spanish

Weekly occurrence of other subjects:

  • Math occurs daily

  • Phonics occurs daily

  • Writing craft and handwriting practice occur 4x a week

  • Reading occurs daily

From Admin:

Food Policy

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School believes that no student should go hungry throughout the school day. As such, if a student requests any meal (breakfast, snack, and/or lunch), that student will be served and their meal account will be charged with the expectation that all charges be paid in full by the student's family each billing cycle. To stay apprised of your student's meal account, families may log into TeacherEase to obtain up-to-date information. We strongly encourage families to prepay for meals and/or provide students with meals each day to avoid any unexpected charges. In addition, if you believe that you qualify for free or reduced meal status, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible. To request an application, contact our main number at 718-722-7634.